What Trees Do Best In The Tucson Heat

Blog post picture of boxed trees

I’m a transplant to the Tucson area.  When we purchased our home there were an abundance of trees and cactus on our property.  If I could choose the trees I want, I wouldn’t necessarily choose a mesquite, which we have several of.  Although nice for the shade in the summer, there are other trees I would love to have in their place.  Take a look at this list of trees on www.tucson.com.  This article provides not just the specie of tree, but also an overview of the rate of growth, the best way to plant your tree and guidelines for tree and site selection.  There are many nursery’s in the Tucson area that carry a wide variety of trees, however, if you’re on a budget then take a look at TEP’s program.  They have a nice variety of 5-gallon plants for $5.00.  They partner with Civano Nursery on this wonderful program. 

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