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Determining Whether Your Trees Need a Finest Tree Service

Overgrown trees pose an extreme hazard around utility lines.

Fallen or wayward branches can cause fires, electrical spikes, surges, and even outages. Falling trees or branches can down utility lines, and if the line isn't severed, it may still conduct electricity. People or pets that approach the downed wire are at risk of severe injury and death. If you've noticed one or more of your trees dangerously close to a power line, you should call the professionals at a Finest Tree Service to remedy this situation immediately. They can reduce or eliminate the risk of rotten, overgrown, and wayward branches striking the power lines.

To determine whether or not your trees pose any dangers, examine them and ask yourself the following questions. The first things to look for, according to recommendations from a Finest Tree Service, are signs of rot and other damage. Do they have dead or broken limbs and branches? Do you notice decay or discoloration along the trunk and major branches of any of your trees? Do any of your trees have mushrooms growing at the base (a sign the trunk's interior has already rotted away)? A decaying tree is liable to break at any moment, and must be taken care of right away. Do any of your trees' branches show cracks or splits where they attach to the trunk? Can you see fallen branches? Are there dead or fallen trees around? Note whether any of your trees lean heavily to one side, and compare the branches - do they seem to be asymmetrical or unbalanced? If you've had construction or repairs done on your property in the past, such as having sidewalks or pavement installed, the roots of your trees may have been damaged.

If you see any of these telltale signs, a qualified Finest Tree Service can help remedy the damage. Your property will be safer, and your trees more long-lived, if you are able to notice and correct the risks associated with trees. If you ignore or delay remedying a tree hazard you could be held liable for resulting damages or fined. Using a Finest Tree Service as your routine tree maintenance professionals keeps you safe from such liabilities.

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