Month: April 2023

Soil pH - Bolog - posted 4-29-2023

Check Your Soil pH Before You Fertilize

Make sure your soil is healthy before you fertilize, checking each area for soil pH,...
Xeriscaping - Blog - posted 4-22-2023


Xeriscape means using native plants that thrive in low-water, desert conditions.  Plants such as salvia,...
Vitex Tree picture for blog posted 4-15-2023

The Vitex Tree, Spectacular Blooms And Heat Tolerant

The Vitex, or Chaste tree, is a lovely multi trunked small tree and is easily...
When is it the right time to trim your trees - posted to blog 4-8-2023

When Is The Best Time To Trim Your Trees

The best time to prune deciduous trees are in the winter months, ideally from December...
Mistletoe Removal - Posted to FTS blog and GMB 4-1-2023

Mistletoe Removal

You typically find mistletoe growing in large, round clusters at the tops of trees. Mistletoe...

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