The 10 Fastest Growing Trees

The 10 Fastest Growing Trees - Posted to FTS 11-25-2023

For those of you who are looking for a fast-growing tree to provide you with the shade we’re all looking for from the scorching sun in Tucson, look no further.  Take a look at “AP Nursery” and the list of the 10 fastest growing trees, Sissoo, Tipu, Desert Museum Palo Verde, Arizona Ash, Weeping Willow, African Sumac, Bonita Ash, Desert Willow, Elm and Evergreen Pear.  These trees will grow from 20′-100′ tall and are well suited for our zone.  You may find this site from “Tucson Clean & Beautiful” informative regarding the importance of shade trees, and how it affects energy savings, the resale of your home, and so much more.  Happy planting!