Our Mulch Customers

Mulch Map - Posted to FTS & GMB

I know I’ve mentioned our mulch a few times.  I’m posting again as I wanted to express both the importance of mulching, and the advantages.  Mulch maintains your soils moisture and reduces the frequency or amount of water your plants need.  It also controls weeds and adds nutrients to your soil.  It keeps your soil cool in the summer, and warm in the winter and with time, it will help both with drainage and aeration of your soil.  Be sure to lay your mulch up to your trees drip line and not up to the tree’s trunk.  Take a look at our mulch customers and how many have benefited from our “Free Mulch”.  Give us a call 520-304-1603 or fill out our “Contact Us” form and we’ll add you to our mulch list and call you when we’re in your area.