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Free Mulch

Finest Tree Service mulch is produced from the trimmings of trees throughout the greater Tucson area. It comes in small chips and is delivered to you by the truckload.

The mulch is all-natural and contains no rocks or plastics, however it may have come from tree trimmings that were previously treated for pest or weed control.

Mulch from tree trimmings is not recommended for areas where pets or children play. The mulch can contain sharp edges and thorns. The purpose of spreading mulch around your trees or in your garden is to:

  • Conserve moisture
  • Increase the fertility and health of the soil
  • Reduce weed growth
  • Add nutrients
  • Enhance the visual appeal of the area

When properly applied, tree mulch can be a great compliment to your yard.

But as expected in this day and age, we need to offer the following disclaimer:

By clicking “Send request”, you agree to hold harmless Finest Tree Service and its affiliates from any liability, injury or damage associated with the mulch including, but not limited to, injury and/or damage from allergens, insects, thorns or fire.