When Is The Best Time To Trim Your Trees

When is it the right time to trim your trees - posted to blog 4-8-2023

The best time to prune deciduous trees are in the winter months, ideally from December through February.  However, many people prune their trees throughout the year.  Citrus trees should be pruned after mid-February, to avoid frost damage.  Other fruit trees such as apple, peach, nectarine, apricot and nuts can be pruned in a way to dictate the height of the fruit-bearing branches, this can keep the fruit from being too high in the tree when you’re ready to harvest the fruit.  You should avoid trimming trees that are sensitive to frost or sun during winter and summer months.  Types of trimming to avoid are topping or “Lion’s tailing”, as this will make your trees more vulnerable to wind and sun damage.  You should never trim back more than 25% of your trees as this can throw your tree into shock making them susceptible to disease.  Most desert species should be trimmed during spring or fall.  Trees such as Mesquites and other vigorous desert trees will benefit from spring or early summer trimming to prevent damage during the summer monsoon storms and microbursts.  Smaller and less vigorous desert trees that don’t require preventative monsoon trimming, can be pruned in the fall.  If you prune your trees later in the year, they tend to hold their shape as growth slows down during the winter months.  With younger trees, don’t cut off the lower branches too soon as they rely on those energy reserves, instead, wait for those trees to mature a bit, which will help accelerate their growth.  If you’d like professional advice, we offer consultations at a fee, or call us for a free estimate at 520-304-1603.

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