Tree Roots And The Damage They Can Cause

Root Damage - GMB & Blog post 3-25-2023

Before you plant a tree, think about the root system and placement of your tree.  Planting near a wall, your home or driveway, can cause damage to your foundation, plumbing, walls and even your swimming pool.  If you have a mature tree close to your home, be sure that it is well-watered, so it doesn’t seek moisture elsewhere.  When planting a tree, be sure to plant it approximately 20 feet from your home. If you’re planting near sidewalks or driveways, plant trees or shrubs with a smaller root ball, and plant approximately 15 feet from the pavement. If you have an invasive root near your home that you’re concerned about, or you see your pavement lifting or cracking, not all is lost, we do provide a root barrier service.  Give us a call 520-304-1603 for a free estimate and we may be able to save your tree from removal, and instead, do a root barrier for you.

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