The Palo Verde Beetle

Palo Verde Beetle - Blog - posted 5-6-2023

Palo Verde root borers are dark brown to black in color and resemble a three to six inch long roach.  Take a look at this article from “thedragonflywoman” to read up on the Palo Verde beetle.  The female Palo Verde root borer lays her eggs in the soil near the roots of trees.  When the eggs hatch, the larvae bore into the roots of the Mexican Palo Verde, and other nonnative trees and shrubs, and feast on the roots for the next few years.  If you see branch dieback, look for 1” exit holes in the soil around the root zone, which is an indicator you have an infestation.  You typically see the beetles during the monsoon season, which begins in June and lasts through September, and brings higher humidity.  That humidity provides these beetles with the moisture they need to survive.  The best defense against these beetles is to keep your trees healthy by deep, infrequent watering, minimal pruning and fertilizing, as these beetles attack stressed trees.  To avoid attracting the adults, turn off outside lights.   If your trees are suffering and you’d like a free estimate, give us a call 520-304-1603.

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