Check Your Soil pH Before You Fertilize

Soil pH - Bolog - posted 4-29-2023

Make sure your soil is healthy before you fertilize, checking each area for soil pH, can help you make the best fertilizing decisions for your plants. 

Your soil contains macronutrients such as nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, zinc and iron.  Those macronutrients are necessary for the health of your plant; however, your soil might be deficient.  There are many over the counter fertilizer blends that will contain many of the nutrients needed to balance your soil, however many of these blends may be missing some nutrients that are critical to the growth of your plants and defense against insects and disease.  Leaves yellowing on your trees may be an indication that your soil pH needs attention. Adding organic matter is also important and can improve your soil and helps with water retention (check out our free mulch blog page).  Before over applying nutrients and causing harm to the soil, you can purchase pH soil kits on Amazon” to test your soil to determine what soil amendments are necessary.  Check out this video from “Epic Gardening” on how to test your soil pH.

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