Mistletoe Removal

Mistletoe Removal - Posted to FTS blog and GMB 4-1-2023

You typically find mistletoe growing in large, round clusters at the tops of trees. Mistletoe is a parasitic; they steal nutrients and water from your trees. One or two clumps of mistletoe aren’t necessarily a huge concern, however they make your tree more vulnerable to adverse environmental factors such as extreme temperatures, drought, and disease and will cause your tree to decline.  The best way to get rid of mistletoe is by pruning, however, removing mistletoe isn’t simply a matter of chopping down the clusters. When mistletoe grows in a tree, it extends a root-like structure, you want to remove the infected branches starting from about a foot below the mistletoe. This requires some precision, so be sure to consult Finest Tree Service before pruning.  Take a look at this article from “University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources” for more information on mistletoe and here’s a quick video from “APEX” that may be useful.  If you’d prefer we prune the mistletoe out of your tree, give us a call at 520-304-1603 for a free estimate.

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