Pine Or Bark Beetles And How To Treat Your Trees

Pine Beetle damage

These pesty beetles can cause havoc with your pine tree and before you realize it, they can cause enough damage that you’ll need to have your tree removed.  Pine beetles burrow into pine trees to lay eggs. Once the eggs hatch, the offspring feed on the living tree from the inside. Over just a few weeks, the larvae destroy the tree’s vital systems. After several months, the tree turns red and brown as it dies. The cycle takes just one year, and the newly formed beetle is off to find their next host and begin it all again.  If you’ve caught this infestation in time, you can treat your tree with “Bonide Insect Control Systemic Granules, you can find this product on Amazon or your local hardware store.  There is no guarantee this product will save your tree, but it’s certainly worth trying.  You may find this youtube video from Solutions Pest & Lawn helpful in identifying and treating bark beetles.  Beetles attack stressed trees, it’s important to do regular deep “watering” and keep your trees healthy to prevent an infestation!